Our Journey

In 2013, our founder came face to face with many of the nation’s problems. Reality check alert.

NASSCOM published statistics saying 80% of India’s graduates were unemployable, unable to grasp concepts quickly and apply them at the practical workplace. It took eight to ten weeks of training to induct them, burdening corporations with increased costs, management efforts and perhaps most importantly, time. Close on their heels, McKinsey (April 2012) and ASER (Feb 2013) produced reports claiming less than 25% of the graduates from over a thousand engineering colleges across the country were employable, leaving us light years behind our developed competitors.

Somehow, our classrooms produced workers and the nation’s offices were waiting for thinkers.

So what was missing? Much brainstorming and research later, the team realised the lack lay in the structural difference between the classroom curriculum and the requirements of the office space. Schools do not mould holistic individuals with a personality, instead choosing to focus on academic success and ignore cognitive abilities. The lack that emerged is one of brain skills.

The gap in the demand-supply of college education results in poor emotional intelligence skills (self esteem, confidence), lack of focused attention over long periods of time as well as basic English and problem solving skills.

Someone had to fix this. Thus, Skill Angels was born.

Skill Angels exists to transform the students of our classrooms into the employees of our work spaces. A team of education visionaries, development experts and clinical psychologists have come together to go that extra mile, alter the average education experience and create champions of tomorrow.