Glad to know that your child is doing well at their school. But ever wondered ‘Is that all”? “ Are we preparing for what the future needs are?” Have you stepped back a bit and wondered that the education system hadn't changed much from your school days?

Before dwelling deep on these questions, let’s have a quick look at a recent study by McKinsey, Global Research Institute.

  • Problem-solving,
  • Critical thinking,
  • Innovation &
  • Creativity
Are some of the essential, fundamental skills that are most lacked among the employees of today's generation.


WHY SKILLANGELS® is the next game-changing Edtech Innovation in new ways of learning?

The 21st century is witnessing rapid shifts in the demands and purpose of learning. An era of education defined by content, instructor & a group of learners to achieve pre-defined objectives is bygone. Today's students are maturing in an ecosystem shaped by digital technology and open education principles that offer easily accessible global standards, anytime anywhere teaching and flipped classrooms. The need of the hour is skillsets to learn beyond what is taught by active self-learning, multi-skilling to chart own paths for a solid future.

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